Integrated Water Planning

We Understand How Modern Water Utilities Operate

We provide expertise across all stages of integrated water projects, from strategic planning through to system operations, for governments and project partners.

An Innovative Team With A Unique Skillset

Our team’s unique set of skills and experience allows us to deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions for the entire water cycle, from the catchment to the tap and back. We embed innovation in all of our projects with a strong focus on delivering ‘least cost’ planning solutions.

Our Water Planning team’s demonstrated experience across all stages of integrated water projects ensures a strong focus on efficiency and ‘whole-of-system’ integrated risk management. We know modern water utilities operate in a highly-regulated environment and our team helps you meet all requirements efficiently.

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Working closely with Engeny’s flooding, stormwater and waterway management team, we look after the water network planning. We determine which water pumps and treatment plans are needed and ensure that water systems do not overflow. 

For subdivisions, we ensure that every building has its water and sewerage requirements fulfilled and determine the required pipe networks and where they need to go. For other projects, we determine the physical logistics for the water planning, pumps, pipes and pipe systems.

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