Environmental Management & Approvals

The Engeny Environmental Management & Approvals team has demonstrated experience specializing in environmental approvals, environmental regulation and governance initiatives, compliance improvement programs and environmental management systems. Engeny understands the regulatory landscape and utilizes techniques to streamline environmental approvals coupled with our water engineering and design services.  Our team perform investigations and inspections to support existing mine approvals and licensing, and compliance with regulatory and corporate business requirements. The team’s unique set of skills and strong experience base allows us to provide innovative environmental management and approvals advice, services and strategies to streamline project delivery whilst minimizing costs and timelines for our clients.

Our capabilities include:

  • Delivering large scale State and Federal approvals in mining and heavy industry
  • Government regulator engagement including interaction and negotiation on State and Federal approvals
  • Surface water impact assessments
  • Environmental investigations and evaluations
  • Environmental Authority strategies and amendment processes
  • Regulated dam and levee compliance assessments
  • Dam safety inspections of dams and levees
  • Creek diversion monitoring
  • Subsidence monitoring and impact assessments
  • Dam safety investigations and documentation
  • Pipeline inspections and audits

For more information, please contact:

Ryan Kinnealy

Principal Consultant & Discipline Leader

Environmental Management & Approvals


Phone: 07 3221 7131


Samantha Breslin

Principal Engineer & Technical Director

Environmental Management & Approvals


Phone: 07 3221 7119