Engeny team members have experience in supporting private industry, local government and resource industries with technical studies to support the effective management of groundwater resources.

An Industry-Leading Team

Our team specialise in the fields of geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, geochemistry, environmental toxicology, ecology and contaminated sites and can undertake all aspects of groundwater studies including scoping, prefeasibility and feasibility studies in support of groundwater licensing and environmental approvals. We assist in the design and implementation of monitoring programs, including the selection and procurement of instrumentation, as well as bore design and construction. Routine sampling and monitoring services are available through experienced field technicians.

Experienced in Delivering Positive Environmental, Social and Economic Solutions.

With extensive first-hand experience in delivering mine closure and remediation projects from concept to execution, we know what works.

Leveraging industry-leading multi-disciplinary capabilities and delivered through our dedicated closure and remediation team, we provide integrated closure and remediation solutions throughout all phases of mining projects to maximise asset value and achieve positive environmental, social and economic outcomes.

More on What We Do

Our Closure & Remediation Services

Our closure and remediation discipline offering encompasses holistic closure and remediation, and the specialist sub-disciplines of landform modelling & design, contaminated land assessment, and soil & ESC.

Overarching Closure & Remediation Services

Overarching and holistic closure and remediation consulting and services.

Landform Modelling & Design

Specific expert services in the planning and geomorphic landform design for the closure and rehabilitation of mines and mine waste landforms.

Contaminated Land Assessment

Management, remediation advice and contaminated land assessment across a range of contaminated and potentially contaminated lands.

Soil & ESC

Project-specific soil science, soil stabilisation and erosion and sediment control specialist services.

Our team provides a range of technical groundwater services including but not limited to:

Engeny’s Landform Modelling and Design Services

Engeny has developed specific expertise in the planning and geomorphic landform design for the closure and rehabilitation of the many forms of mines and mine waste landforms. 

This has included the planning and design of these landforms on many of the large open-cut mines in NSW and QLD Australia. 

In terms of practical experience in Australia, Engeny has undertaken a number of final landform design projects, with our solutions used for land rehabilitation both during and after mining operations, to minimise risk and maximise the chance of long-term success.

Landform Modelling and Design Key Areas of Expertise:

Planning and Permitting


Our Contaminated Land Assessment Services

Engeny can provide contaminated land assessment, management and remediation advice across a range of contaminated and potentially contaminated lands.

Contaminated Land Key Capabilities:

Our capabilities in contaminated land assessment, management and remediation Include:

Our Specialist Soil & ESC Work Includes:

Engeny’s soil science, soil stabilisation, and erosion and sediment control offerings are project-specific and outcome-focused services.These services can save projects significant money and time by ensuring adequate upfront assessments.

With 5 Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) and a team of more than 150 people to draw from, our team can add a high level of value to your project.

Soil Testing

Erosion & Sediment Control

Rehabilitation Planning and Monitoring

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