We Work Collaboratively With Our Clients to Deliver Practical and Outcome Focussed Solutions

We analyse and develop strategies to support end-to-end environmental approvals and compliance with regulatory and corporate requirements.

An Exceptional, Innovative Team With Unique and Diverse Skills

The Engeny ecology discipline approach is to deliver both technical and strategic advice to our clients that is solution focussed and delivers outcomes. We provide ecological services for the entire project life cycle that gives clients the complete understanding of ecological obligations on their project. We provide on-ground field services and specialist technical assessments, in conjunction with ecological advice to inform project approval and regulator consultation strategies, project compliance and risk.

Our ability to identify ecological values and legislative constraints, coupled with our capacity to understand project drivers and provide clear guidance on a pathway forward, is our recognised point of difference. Because of this we can deliver projects that range in size, complexity and level of risk, working with our clients to successfully navigate perceived barriers.  

Engeny is a leader in technical services for project compliance and closure, with ecology fully integrated to provide the one-stop-shop service. We undertake compliance monitoring with an outcome focussed approach and look for efficiencies and areas of improvement to streamline and enhance client’s compliance requirements.

The integration of spatial technologies such as GIS, LiDAR and remote sensing into our approval and compliance assessment processes, further elevates our service offerings. We can provide early and more accurate identification of constraints, improve regulator confidence in data and reduce field time requirements, which all provide time and cost savings on projects

We Make Compliant & Environmentally Ethical Projects Easy

We can give you the peace of mind in knowing your project is compliant, environmentally ethical and designed to have minimal public and environmental impact. 

We do this via specialist investigations, inspections, forecasting, planning, strategy and consulting for existing and new approvals and licensing. 

We Assist By:

Cross-Sector Environmental Approvals, Licensing and Management

We service clients across all sectors, including resources, government, infrastructure, emerging landscapes, and renewables, to ensure compliance with regulatory and corporate business requirements. 

Unmatched Experience and Expertise

The Engeny Environmental Management & Approvals team is made up of dedicated, passionate and highly qualified environmental scientists and specialists with strong, demonstrated experience across sectors in:

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