About Engeny

Since 2008 we have been providing clients across Australia with innovative and progressive engineering and environmental solutions. This extends across a range of services, including water resources, integrated water planning, engineering design and construction services, project management, mine rehabilitation, environmental management and approvals. 

What Our Values Are and Why They Matter

Our company values speak not only to ourselves, but to our clients and projects as well. Our reputation as a well-respected and hard-working company is not one that we stumbled upon by mistake. We were incredibly intentional about the values we chose, to represent who we are and to provide a guideline in how we run our business, now and into the future. Our culture and our service delivery are underpinned by these values.


When we say that the people who make up Engeny matter to us, we wholeheartedly mean it. We have a workplace culture and environment where the people we work with can thrive and individually grow. We make sure that our people are looked after, by prioritising mental health, encouraging diverse conversations and ensuring inclusivity is practised throughout Engeny. We empower our people to succeed, which in turn results in an exceptional standard of project delivery.


Here at Engeny, respect forms the foundation of all of our partnerships, whether with each other, or with our clients. No matter the project, client or team member, respect is an expectation. It goes beyond just respecting the person. We show that respect is an important part of everything we do, from showing up on time to respecting rules or deadlines. Respect for each other allows us to work cohesively as a team, and in turn show a greater respect for our clients. It’s both an internal and external value that shapes who we are as a company.


We aim to be as transparent as possible, in all the interactions had with our clients and our people. We’re transparent so that our clients can have peace of mind throughout all of their interactions with us. We firmly believe in being open and honest about what matters.


Engeny is at its best when our people are performing at their best. We’ll happily meet each team member where they’re at. We provide the support that all employees need, to help them achieve the best results for our clients and for our team as a whole.

Where We've Come From and Where We're Going

Since our formation in July 2008, Engeny has established itself as one of the leading engineering and environmental consultancies in Australia. We operate nationally around Australia, with offices in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Melbourne, Newcastle, Gold Coast and Perth. Our wide range of offices, spread across this great nation of ours, is what allows us to position ourselves to provide innovative solutions across a range of services and all sectors.

We’re constantly striving to grow as a company, building on the great relationships we have built. In the near future, we look to open more locations within Australia and grow our national footprint. 

Why Partner With Engeny?

Agile in an Industry Where It Matters

We consistently deliver innovative and agile solutions to suit any business. We completely get the importance of being able to quickly adapt in an ever-evolving industry.

Access to Principals in the Business

Working with Engeny means you get access to our entire talented team. We are different in that our people are all accessible to our clients and actively involved in projects, including principals in the business, discipline managers, technical specialists and even our founding partners. Want to speak to one of our principals about your project? Just pick up the phone.

We Won’t Make You Wait

If our clients have a problem or an urgent question for us, we don’t make them wait. We’re able to give you answers quickly. And if we don’t know it on the spot, we’ll find out and get back to you fast – with a large network of qualified and experienced specialists across all areas of our industry.


Access to the Help You Need, When You Need It

Our clients know that if they have a problem, they can pick up the phone and get in touch with a high-level specialist instantly. There’s no need to go through a chain of people, submit multiple requests and be delayed by waiting periods to get the help you need. Rather, you have direct access to our experts, as soon as you need it. 

Not Just a Number

86% of projects are from returning clients for repeat work because they know the value we provide in all of the work we deliver. We strive to make all of our clients understand that they matter to us. 

We Love a Challenge

We’re proud of our proactive approach to problem-solving. We love a challenge and are never afraid to create innovative and industry-forward solutions when collaborating with our clients. The bigger the problems, the more excited we get to solve them.

Our Clients Love Working With Us (And Here’s Why)

We go above and beyond for all of our clients. If clients want to meet in person, or have a working lunch with us, we’ll make it happen. 

Our Staff Are Directly Investing Into the Future of Engeny

Roughly 70% of our team members have shares in the business, putting them in the unique position of being directly invested in the company. Allowing our employees to have direct financial ownership is important to us, so we’ve made it a reality.

This has created a team that are proud to be working in the company. Our team participates and contributes to the day-to-day running of the business, making sure that we’re continuously a company that people are excited to work in. And, as we’re an employee-owned organisation, it’s in everyone’s best interests to deliver exceptional work for our projects and clients.

Meet the Team Who Are Shaping Engeny

We know first-hand that when a company has great people, it has a great culture. Then, as a result, great client partnerships. This knowledge and experience have led to us creating a workplace culture where people matter. 

We continuously show our employees that they matter by actively showing up for the people who work with us. We have the best people onboard at Engeny, and they all play a part in our industry-leading team. All of our engineers, scientists, designers and environmental specialists are fully qualified and trained, ready to take on any challenge or problem. 

Talk to an Engineering or Environmental Expert

At Engeny, we’re reliable, consistent and transparent. We deliver our advice and work with precision, expertise and quality. Talk to a discipline leader in our team today and you’ll learn why so many of our clients stay with us for the long term.