Our Vision

Our Mission

We at Engeny stand and operate in a society that is diverse by nature. We are inclusive by choice and create togetherness and belonging for all.

Diversity & Inclusion is part of our core values, goals and practices. We play an active role in the identification of and removal of systemic barriers to diversity and inclusion.

Belonging at Engeny

Engeny is committed to treating all people with dignity and respect. We believe in the right of all people to work in an environment that is harmonious and free from discrimination or harassment, workplace bullying and victimisation, collectively known as unacceptable behaviour.

Over the past few years, Engeny has made significant strides in promoting diversity, inclusion, and belonging. We have established an active committee dedicated to these important initiatives, led by our Managing Director. This committee focuses on all types of diversity and inclusion, ensuring that every employee feels valued and included.

Transparency is a key aspect of our approach to diversity and inclusion. We openly share market data on remuneration bands, ensuring that our employees have access to fair and equitable compensation. This transparency fosters trust and demonstrates our commitment to treating all employees with respect and fairness.

Our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee

Led by our Managing Director, our D&I Committee is made up of individuals across the company Australia wide, who are passionate and dedicated about making Engeny a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Diversity Shares Subcommittee

Our Diversity Shares subcommittee champions inclusivity by celebrating LGBTQIA+ events and cultural holidays and occasions from around the world, alongside our staff who actively observe them. We invite our team to share their traditions and personal stories, cultivating deeper understanding and unity amongst our diverse Engenites.

Photo: Marketing & Events Coordinator, Bethany Endacott, Engineer, Juliana Avella, and Environmental Specialist Eve Waddell, decorated pride cupcakes to celebrate Pride Month

Bellbird Park Equity Scholarship - 2 - Copy

Scholarships and Mentoring Subcommittee

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Bellbird Park State Secondary College (BPSSC) as we further our commitment to offering scholarships for high-achieving students in the STEAM program. These scholarships aim to provide practical support, facilitating access to educational opportunities for students. Our goal is to empower these inspiring young minds, ensuring they are well-prepared and supported to succeed in their STEAM studies.

Photo: Managing Director, Aaron Hallgath, General Manager of Corporate Services, Kristy Fairbairn, and Engineers Juliana Avella and Angelique Byukusenge at Bellbird Park State Secondary College (BPSSC) presenting 5 x scholarships to high-achieving students in the STEAM program

Reconciliation Action Plan

Engeny has embarked on our RAP journey over the past year or so. We are examining all aspects of how we manage people and how to make our business a better place to work for everyone. We want to establish a connection and collaborate with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Is-lander communities. 

Photo: Our Engenites partook in the Importance of Place Workshop at Birrunga Gallery in Meanjin (Brisbane) 

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LGBTQIA+ Inclusion

At Engeny we strive to create a safe and welcoming workplace for all, by supporting and celebrating our unique differences. We share education and actively celebrate events highlighting the LGBTQIA+ community with events such as Transgender Awareness Week, Wear It Purple, and Pride Month. We have created a community where everyone wants to get involved.

Photo: Engenites celebrating Transgender Awareness Week

Mental Health and Wellbeing Committee

Our dedicated Mental Health and Wellbeing Committee provides opportunities for staff to thrive in the workplace to their full potential. We offer a supportive environment for all staff who identify as neurodivergent through education, awareness, open discussion forums, EAP services, and dedicated Mental Health and Wellbeing Officers for each office.

Photo: Engenites celebrating R U OK? Day in the office

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Health and Safety Committee

For Engeny, safety is never just a checklist. We believe risk management requires adaptation and forward-thinking, and so we’re always looking for new ways to make best practice even better. With regular safety committee meetings, Engeny engages its employees at all levels to assess known risks at work, be it onsite, in the office, or at home. Our greatest asset is our people, and their safety is our highest priority.

Photo: Engenite observing a Geotechnical inspection


Other initiatives our committees are actively working on:

  • Cultural swap days – Ability to swap some public holidays for more culturally relevant occasions. This is to allow all our staff the opportunity to take time and celebrate occasions that are important to them.
  • Training & education – Regular education circulated to our Engenites via emails and all staff panel discussions.
  • Pronouns – Every Engenite is given the option to add their pronouns to their email signatures.


Photo: Our Engenites partook in the Importance of Place Workshop at Birrunga Gallery in Meanjin (Brisbane)