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Success Story: remote working arrangements

Published: January 12, 2022
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Principal Engineer, Glenn Ottrey, and Principal Environmental Professional, Tegan Ireland, are shining examples of successfully working remotely whilst still being key players in Engeny’s VIC & QLD teams.

Glenn grew up in Ballarat and has since moved back to be close to family and to have a more regional town lifestyle. Not only is Glenn enjoying the flexibility of working remotely, this has also given Glenn the opportunity to work with clients in Western Victoria.

Tegan started with Engeny working remotely from her home in Chinchilla, having worked remotely for two years prior. Tegan’s ability to work from home is a perfect fit for her busy lifestyle as a mum of two small children and an avid farm animal collector whilst still being able to actively progress in her professional career. Additionally, Tegan supports the Toowoomba office by offering clients in western QLD an in-person experience.

Our staff are able to enjoy a flexible working arrangement whilst maintaining our high performance culture through openness, honesty and trust. Engeny’s flexible/remote working arrangements aim to: assist staff balance the demands of both professional and personal life (life balance), enable a diverse and inclusive workplace, provide non-financial staff benefits, maintain a collaborative and team-based office working and learning environment, and consider the learning and support requirements of staff at different levels of development.

Please enjoy the amazing photo of Tegan’s miniature Pygmy buck, Ronnie, and Beardy the Belgium duccle chicken. And Glenn’s spectacular photos of the Ballarat Botanic Gardens and lake.

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