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Yohannes Yihdego

Senior Principal Hydrogeologist
BSc, MSc, PhD, CEnvP, RPGeo

Yohannes is a Senior Principal Hydrogeologist, Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) and Registered Professional Geoscientists (RPGeo) with over twenty years’ experience in hydrogeological assessments.

His technical experience encompasses the broad spectrum of construction, operational and environmental groundwater tasks of large mining and infrastructure (transport, hydropower & Energy) developments including
dewatering, depressurisation, water supply, water quality management, aquifer interference, groundwater impact & risk assessment, and design related tasks. During his years working as consultant for multi-disciplinary projects he
has obtained specialised skills on hydrogeological investigations and in the application of numerical modelling to groundwater and geotechnical applications.

The majority of his work has involved groundwater resources, development of regional groundwater 3-D models & modelling for mine & construction dewatering, surface groundwater interaction, impacts of mining, civil
construction, land use change & groundwater extraction on water resources, beneficial users & dependant ecosystems, water supplies for agriculture & industry, water & soil contamination assessments, remediation designs.

He is also an author with many publications and articles throughout across his career.

Yohannes Yihdego has a special interest and expertise in:
  • Hydrogeology
  • Mine and construction dewatering/depressurization
  • Groundwater control
  • Groundwater flow, fate and transport modelling
  • Developing regional groundwater models, conceptual and numerical
  • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Impact assessment and risk modelling
  • Peer-reviewer and Mentoring

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