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Flood, Stormwater & Waterway Management

Rob Strong

Graduate Engineer

Rob is a Graduate Engineer who joined the Engeny Melbourne office in November 2022. He has experience at Engeny in the flood modelling space and several months of experience in the water resources sector in his previous role.

Rob has recently completed his Masters of Environmental Engineering at the University of Melbourne, where he has developed a strong understanding of how to apply critical thinking and problem solving to a range of environmental issues, with particular focus on the water sector. Rob is currently undertaking research into investigating the four-parameter Kappa distribution and its applicability to better fit extreme global rainfall data across various climate and spatial regions, compared to the conventional Generalised Extreme Value distribution (GEV).

Rob Strong has a special interest and expertise in:
  • Spatial Data Analysis (QGIS)
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modelling (RORB and TUFLOW)

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