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Andrew Smith

Senior Ecologist
BSc (Environmental Biology), Ph.D. in Avian Population Ecology

Dr Andrew Smith started at Engeny in May 2024 and is a Senior Ecologist with over 12 years’ of consulting experience and a Ph.D. in Avian Population Ecology. In regions across NSW, ACT and Victoria, he has gained extensive experience in project management, data analysis, and flora and fauna field surveys for projects including Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports (BDARs), Ecological Impact Assessments and Monitoring. He has produced a large number of ecological reports for clients in the private and public sectors, as well as several peer-reviewed scientific publications. He is an accredited BAM assessor (BAAS19007) in NSW and Habitat Hectare assessor in Victoria.

Andrew Smith has a special interest and expertise in:
  • Experience with GPS/GIS for project design and mapping (ArcGIS).
  • Flora and Fauna Assessment project design.
  • Conducting field surveys for flora, fauna and habitat identification.
  • Targeted threatened flora and fauna surveys.
  • Vegetation communities mapping and priority weed surveys.
  • Threatened Ecological Community (TEC) assessment.
  • Specialist micro-bat surveys.
  • Fauna spotter-catching, micro-bat exclusion and dewatering.
  • Nest-box installation and monitoring.
  • Preparing BDAR, BCARS and BSSAR in accordance with the BAM.
  • Report preparation including Fauna and Flora Impact Assessments, Ecological Constraints Analysis, Ecological Monitoring, Consistency Assessments and Vegetation Management Plans.
  • Understanding of State and Commonwealth environmental legislation.

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