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Integrated Water Planning on a roll!

Published: November 28, 2023
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Our QLD Integrated Water Planning team is on a roll, diving into a mix of professional and team-building activities!

They’ve been actively engaging in key industry events such as the Australian Water Association QLD Gala Dinner & Awards and the QWater Conference. These industry gatherings have been fantastic—connecting us with fellow industry leaders and exposing our Engenites to new ideas and latest industry news.

Our IWP team has also been flexing their teamwork muscles in the art of escape rooms. It’s more than cracking codes; it’s about honing problem-solving and teamwork skills in a fun setting. One group bravely (except one not so brave Engenite) exorcised a timeless demon, while the other relaxedly solved wine puzzles! Alex Park was the mastermind escapist overall who lead his team to freedom!

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