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Equity Scholarships – Bellbird Park State Secondary College

Published: February 5, 2024
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Engeny is delighted to announce our collaboration with Bellbird Park State Secondary College (BPSSC) as we further our commitment to offering scholarships for high-achieving students in the STEAM program. These scholarships aim to provide practical support, facilitating access to educational opportunities for students. Our goal is to empower these inspiring young minds, ensuring they are well-prepared and supported to succeed in their STEAM studies.

• The scholarship program encompasses a financial grant of $4,500 distributed over three years. This support is offered to help these high-achieving students excel in their academic pursuits, covering expenses such as laptops, tutoring sessions, educational materials like books and uniforms, as well as subscriptions to industry programs.

• In addition to financial assistance, we are excited to offer enriching experiences through field trips to various project sites, providing students with firsthand exposure to the real-world applications of their STEAM studies. This exposure will not only enhance their understanding but also inspire a broader vision for their future contributions to society.

• Our scholarship initiative also includes a mentoring program designed to accompany these students throughout their academic journey. This program will involve providing guidance, valuable advice, and support to help them build professional connections early on in their careers.

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