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Exciting news from Engeny’s Young Professional Group (YPG)!

Published: July 3, 2023
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As the new financial year kicks into gear, the YPG Committee held a changing of the guard meeting, filled with fresh ideas and enthusiasm, to discuss their goals and plans for the upcoming financial year!


The YPG’s overarching goal is to foster a supportive and collaborative environment for our young professionals, where they are empowered to discuss workplace matters openly with their peers, contribute constructive input, support career development, establish strong cross-office connections, and enrich Engeny’s social culture through a variety of regular social events.


The YPG Committee plays a vital role in bridging the gap between our young professionals, senior management and our working groups. By being a part of the YPG Committee, our staff have a direct line of communication with senior leadership, can actively shape the company’s operations, and contribute to the organisation and planning of social events. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make an impact at a junior level and is highly valued by Engeny’s management.


A big congratulations to this year’s YPG Committee Leaders:


👨‍💼 YPG Chair – Matthew Whitbread

🎉 Social Rep – Ben Markey

🍽️ Luncheons – Sam Apogremiotis

👥 Buddy Program – Crissa De Sagun

🌍 Remote Office Rep – Sumaiya Sifa

📚 Professional Development and Peer Shares – Louis North

⚠️ Safety Rep – Joshua Neller


And a big thank you to last year’s YPG Committee Leaders for all their contributions over the last year:


👨‍💼 YPG Chair – Will Anderson

🤝 Vice Chair – Alex MacDonald

🍽️ Luncheons – Tehya Hethorn

🎉 Social – Matthew Whitbread

📚 Peer Shares – Kris Muller

📈 Professional Development – Brionni Butcher

⚠️ Safety – Lochlan Clark

💚 Wellbeing – Ciara Kruger

👥 Buddy Program – Eve Waddell



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