Integrated Water Planning

The Engeny Integrated Water Planning team has demonstrated expertise across all stages of the water network planning cycle, from strategic planning through to system operations. Engeny understands that modern water utilities operate in a highly regulated environment where there is a strong focus on efficiency and ‘whole-of-system’ integrated risk management. Our team’s unique set of skills and experience allow us to embed innovation in all of our projects with a clear strong focus on delivering ‘least cost’ planning solutions.

Our key capabilities include:

  • water network projects from master planning through design to commissioning and operationaloptimisation
  • water network operability, energy management, financial efficiency and optimisation
  • drinking water quality investigations and management
  • infrastructure and operational planning for regulatory submission or third party ‘prudency and efficiency’review
  • water network strategic policy development and interpretation
  • system leakage and unaccounted for water analysis with particular focus on the financial implications of UFW
  • SCADA assessments for operability investigations and whole-of-system network optimisation
  • pump station and control system hydraulic design and system specification
  • operational performance monitoring, benchmarking and reporting
  • technical leadership and water infrastructure planning project management
  • pipeline corridor reviews and route selection
  • customised water engineering tools and bespoke technical applications.

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For more information, please contact:

Louise Clarke

Discipline Leader: Integrated Water Planning

P: 07 3221 7174


James Moffatt

Technical Director: Integrated Water Planning

P: 07 3221 7174