Water Network Planning Projects

Water Infrastructure Planning and Hydraulic Modelling

  • HIP Preliminary Business Case (HIPCo)
  • HIP Stage 2 Prelim Business Cases (HIPCo)
  • Flagstone Water Supply & Sewerage Master Plan (PEET Ltd)
  • Moree Water Supply Network Model (Detection Services Pty Ltd)
  • Water Quality Network Modelling Support (Wide Bay Water)
  • Rocheldale South Water Quality Management Facility Review (Queensland Urban Utilities)
  • Kimberley Park Water Quality Management Facility Concept Design (SEQWater)
  • South Pine River Water Supply Zone Disinfection Options Assessment (Unitywater)
  • Detailed water quality modelling of secondary disinfection for the Petrie water supply zone when transitioned to the bulk water supply system (Seqwater)
  • Strategic review of drinking water quality disinfection management opportunities across the Moreton Bay Regional Council subregion (Seqwater)
  • Whole of system integrated planning and concept design to supply the Petrie water supply zone from the bulk water supply system (Seqwater)
  • Mudgeeraba WTP shutdown – preliminary design and network operations contingency planning (Seqwater)
  • Bulk transport hydraulic assessment of the Western Corridor Recycled Water System (Seqwater)
  • Mudgeeraba WTP shutdown – network reconfiguration planning and options assessment (Seqwater)
  • Cornerstone Living Water Supply and Sewerage Master Plan (Consolidated Properties)
  • Maturing the Infrastructure Program – Water 26 (DILGP)

Specialist Technical Advice and Peer Review

  • Water Strategy Review (Rous County Council)
  • Southeast Queensland Water Security Program – Integrated master planning, system modelling and specialist engineering support (Seqwater)
  • Independent review of the Unitywater water supply network models (Unitywater)
  • Development of a customised bulk water supply and network transport system cost optimisation model (Seqwater)
  • Project scoping for a whole of system review of secondary disinfection optimisation across the entire southeast Queensland water supply system (Seqwater)
  • Toowoomba pipeline water hammer assessment independent review (Arup)
  • Bulk water supply system network risk assessment, Peer Review (Seqwater)
  • Petrie water supply zone reconfiguration specialist technical support (Unitywater)
  • Network Assessment Project Technical Support (Seqwater)
  • RWQNM – Improvement Initiatives (Seqwater)