Toowoomba Overland Flow Path Mapping Study

Toowoomba Regional Council

Toowoomba, Queensland

Scope of Services
Overland flow flood risks and damages in Toowoomba can be as significant as creek flooding. The primary objective of the study was to develop detailed hydraulic models using TUFLOW (1D/2D) software to identify overland flow paths across Toowoomba, determine associated flood risks for disaster management and assess the current stormwater infrastructure capacity to support infrastructure planning. The scope of
services included:

  • hydraulic modelling using TUFLOW GPU (2D) and TUFLOW Classic (1D/2D) with Direct Rainfall Application
  • community consultation
  • presentations to Council and industry
  • reporting

Application of outcomes included:

  • development control: assisted development engineering branch by providing trigger for further hydraulic investigation and management of inter-allotment drainage associated with future development
  • flood risk management: increased community awareness of risks and improve flood preparedness, response and recovery
  • drainage assessments to determine infrastructure upgrade.