Roma Flood Study and Flood Mitigation Project

Maranoa Regional Council

Roma, Queensland

Scope of Services
Engeny undertook a comprehensive regional-scale flooding assessment of Bungil Creek through the Roma Township. The study was carried out as a result of consecutive large flood events in March 2010, April 2011 and February 2012. The ultimate purpose for the project was to develop a flood mitigation strategy for the town based on accurate quantification of flood behaviour and impacts. The flood mitigation options assessed included a levee, creek clearing, house raising, culvert upgrades and a dam. The scope of services included:

  • development of a hydrologic model of the catchment using the URBS modelling software
  • development of a (2D/1D) TUFLOW hydraulic model to represent current hydraulic structures and topographical features within the Roma study area for each of the calibration and design flood events.
  • comprehensive mapping of flood behaviour within the study area
  • development of a flood mitigation strategy which included a levee and house raising solution
  • flood damage assessment using waterRIDE software to support a business case
  • preliminary design of the preferred levee alignment as well as a cost benefit analysis and construction cost estimation
  • detailed reporting.