James and Barclay Street Flood Mitigation Project

Ipswich City Council

Ipswich, Queensland

Scope of Services

The project was a three-stage flood mitigation project for several residential streets prone to flooding in Bundamba, Ipswich. Engeny initially developed the feasibility design and options for the staged project which required:

  • Detailed catchment analysis and TUFLOW modelling
  • Investigation of mitigation options, such as local and trunk drainage upgrades, a detention basin, land acquisition
  • Costing, optioneering and feasibility assessment.

The mitigation feasibility assessment identified three major upgrades required for flood mitigation of the area, which were all designed be Engeny as follows:

  • Stage 1 – James street trunk road drainage upgrade (IFC design and construction completed 2016)
  • Stage 2 – Barclay street detention basin (IFC design completed 2016, construction scheduled FY16/17)
  • Stage 3 – John Street trunk drainage upgrade (Concept design completed 2016, Construction no currently scheduled).

Engeny also undertook detailed design of the James Street trunk drainage upgrade, and Barclay Street 6ML detention basin in an urban park.