Greater Flagstone Development


Jimboomba, Logan, Queensland

Scope of Services
Engeny has been engaged by PEET to undertake a number of assesments for the Flagstone urban development. Work undertaken to date includes:

  • investigations to identify water quality treatment constraints and opportunities for Stages 2-5 of Flagstone City – this work involved review of the existing master plan for stormwater quality treatment and the submission of an updated SQMP with reference to EDQ and LCC’s codes and overlays
  • a preliminary investigation to identify potential locations and the practicality for a waterbody within Flagstone City – the intention of the investigation will be to identify key risks, opportunities and constraints associated with the construction and management of the water body
  • detailed Stormwater Management Plan for Stage 7
  • development of a water supply and sewerage servicing strategy for Flagstone Development Stage 1
  • a flood assessment for Flagstone Stages 3-5 to assess any flood impacts associated with the proposed development. A TUFLOW (1D/2D) hydraulic model was developed for the flood impact assessment.