Breakfast Creek, Ashgrove Detailed Design for Waterway Rehabilitation

Breakfast Creek


Ashgrove, QLD


Brisbane City Council

Scope of Services:

Breakfast Creek flows through the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland. For much of its length, Breakfast Creek is lined with parks and recreational facilities such as bikeways and playing fields. In a number of locations along its length, there are also active community groups undertaking regular planting and maintenance days.

The site is located in Ashgrove, which is an inner-northern suburb, located 5km from the CBD. The existing old timber bridge structure, was having a significant hydraulic impacts on the creek, with an orientation not perpendicular to approaching flows and also limited span widths. The resulting hydraulic impacts resulting in a large amount of deposition in the floor, as well as severe bank erosion. This was in turn resulting in undermining of a major link bike path adjacent the creek, and loss of park area. Key aspects of the investigations and detailed design included:

  • Selecting an alignment and shape for the new bridge which offered less disruption to creek flows.
  • Detailed hydraulic modelling and environmental engineering to develop an integrated waterway and bridge design with no hydraulic impacts.
  • Selection of natural surface treatments based hydraulic conditions; such as utilising a lower bank with rock toe (to prevent undercutting) and an upper bank of either turf and planting into Geoweb cells, or pocket planted rock in high energy areas, or planted benches in lower energy zones.
  • Protection of mature trees and integration with existing community planting.