Flood Studies & Flood Risk Management

Engeny is an industry leader in all aspects of flood studies and flood risk management activities, providing services to both public and private sector clients including local and state governments, developers, planners and architects. Our experience extends from the technical flood investigations and risk assessment to identification and design of flood risk management measures as well as construction
support. Our services include:

  • hydrologic analysis (catchment rainfall / runoff) and hydraulic (1D and 2D) flood modelling
  • floodplain management and flood mitigation options investigation, prioritisation and design
  • assessment of flood risk and hazard
  • development of planning scheme flood overlays
  • preparation of stormwater / flood management plans
  • development of flood warning systems
  • flood impact assessment for development projects
  • community consultation and stakeholder engagement
  • civil design and drafting of related infrastructure
  • construction support
  • expert advice and witness in the Planning and Environmental Court.

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For more information, please contact:

David Sexton

Sector Leader: Flood, Stormwater and Waterway Management

P: 07 3221 7174

Scott Dunn

Sector Leader: Flooding and Drainage

P: 03 9888 6978