Our Values

At Engeny we are committed to our values and are proud of our culture.

Our Workplace:

  • We boldly strive to be and stay leaders in water management consultancy, challenging the norm.
  • Camaraderie and respect are the foundations of our success.
  • Red tape is actively discouraged through our open door policy, management structure and communication styles.
  • Our performance based culture means we get paid for what we deliver and on our clients’ satisfaction.
  • Flexible work arrangements that align to client needs are encouraged.
  • We shape our own destiny with staff owning the business.
  • Staff have real power to influence decisions.
  • Our size allows real opportunities for diversity, inclusivity, and autonomy in our work.
  • We coach rather than control, encouraging all to be their best.

Service Delivery:

  • Service delivery: agility and ingenuity.
  • We operate in partnership with our clients, as an extension to the clients’ businesses.
  • We pride ourselves on being agile, open and honest and we operate with integrity at all times.
  • Our progressive business model allows us to quickly adapt to new challenges facing our clients and our staff.
  • We are alert and proactive in finding better and smarter ways of doing business.
  • We always strive for better environmental, social and economic outcomes for future generations.
  • We adopt a responsible and transparent governance system in the operation of our business.
  • Workplace culture: masters not slaves.