About Engeny Water Management

Since Engeny’s commencement in July 2008, we have established our reputation as one of the leading water management consultancies in Queensland and Victoria and recently in New South Wales.

Through partnership with our clients, we deliver innovative, agile and progressive services to government, resources and urban development sectors, by empowering and inspiring our people to reach their full potential.

At Engeny, we boldly strive to be and stay as leaders in water management consultancy by challenging the norm and consistently searching for better and smarter ways of delivering our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that are personalised, practical and provide value for money through a lower overhead structure.

We value long-term relationships as they benefit both our clients and ourselves.  We seek to develop relationships that extend beyond a single project, and we firmly believe that a comprehensive understanding our client’s needs enhances efficiency and effectiveness in the long term.

Engeny is an organisation with a performance-based open culture, that operates with integrity and strives for better environmental, social and economic outcomes for future generations.

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